Athens streets – People’s thoughts 


Urban Tectonics suggests an exploration of the underlying forces and conditions which inform visual evidence abundant in everyday life. Geologists study the motions of drifting tectonic plates in order to gain insight into earth’s outermost deformations. This tectonic state of fluidity is comparable to Athens’s current urban landscape and social environment whose constantly changing appearances are shaped by invisible and fluctuating social factors – politics and economics, individual and collective memories – all of which take place within a network of complex international connections.

Within the context of Urban Tectonics, Snehta resident Boris Lafargue engage in an exploration of urban landscape morphology while considering underlying factors and conditions that influence the landscape’s existing and future formations. Accepting the notion that the City of Athens is currently in a state of aesthetical and social flux, Lafargue present visual interpretations of the City in an attempt to provide further insight to contemporary urban experience.

Based in the Snehta apartment in Kypseli, the artist transform his Athenian residential premises into a personal space of visual and sculptural projection. Drawing on everyday imagery and materials, the setting accommodates works which exhibit two distinctly personal readings of the urban landscape of Athens, its multi-layered history, its potentially transcending cultural borders and its position as a cultural fulcrum.

Boris Lafargue explores Athens through his notion of politics, which assumes a poetic inclination on matters of political and social interest. By adopting the City as an open-air playground he uses his aesthetical criteria in order to interpret fleeting observances of everyday life. Installations, sculptures and drawings are created as critical visual platforms which encourage poetic and political contemplation. 

Eirini Marouli