Solo show – Museum of Boulogne-sur-mer – 2015


Boris Lafargue works with sculpture in a way that question actuality with a strong reference with the past and, notably, with the Antiquity. Influenced by his experience in Greece, Boris Lafargue is particuarly sensible to the tensions of the contemporary world.

The artist often pays ironic and scathing tributes to the dominance of economic superstructure symbols. He invites us to look at our own epoch with a distance, suggesting an archeology of the present time. The tension in his work operates as physical sensation given of the pieces with an almost martial aesthetic crossing with a palpable energy for the viewer. This tension can also be interpreted as a « social tension ».

His works is surrounded by the idea of organizations. Most of his sculptures are « structures », with an absolute rigor of each spatial and social systems and organizations that rules our lives.

Lafargue borrows forms from the past : monument, grave marker and marble stairway to distance the superstructures that dominates us. He evidences the flaws and failure of the inhuman systems doomed to downfall. If the order and discipline reigns on the surface of that policed universe, a subterranean anger takes shape, the resistance get organized.